Who wants to sue Cal Chip?

I am burnt out on cal chip. I bought two miners while waiting for the 4 Bob Cats I ordered. Both of them are pissing me off. No bob cat after 3 months. However 1 functional cal chip and one POS.

That is right Cal Chip is a POS. Tried 8 different Atenas and no connection except for one other miner. 1 connection for another miner 305 meters away. The other miner 59 miners in the same location in the same place.
So, need plaintiff 2 for class action plaintiffs needed, would like 9 too, so we can all say fu fix it.

Hi, I ordered mine from cal-chip on 4/27/2021 and I’m still waiting for it.

Good luck. I got 2. One works the other didn’t. Support from them is a joke.