Who watches VoskCoin, When, and Where are they from? VoskCoin Demographics

VoskCoin YouTube Demographics

Often we are asked by our community and potential video sponsors what the VoskCoin YouTube demographics are, so let’s review them!

The majority of the VoskCoin audience is male, however, we are proud to say that our female viewership is increasing 2% year over year.

The average VoskCoin viewer is about ~30 years old, which makes sense based on our subject matter. This even aligns with Drew Vosk’s age and personal interests as well, statistically accurate!

Where is the VoskCoin community located? Globally, of course! Cryptocurrency and blockchain are phenomenal and their span is not limited by borders, Bitcoin is a borderless crypto after all! VoskCoin is based in Virginia, USA so naturally, a large portion of our viewership is based here. Surprisingly however, VoskCoin video views are about 70% international with the United Kingdom, India, Canada, and Austrailia being the subsequent highest representation.

Finally, when are people watching VoskCoin videos?! A question that initially may not come to mind, but is very important, is when is the best time to upload a video to crypto YouTube? According to VoskCoin analytics the best time for VoskCoin to upload a video to YouTube would be about 12 pm EST.

We hope you found this VoskCoinTalk write-up helpful and informative, are you interested in more analytics and statistics from VoskCoin in the future? If you are let us know by replying right here on this thread!


Initial thoughts and ideas for how Vosk can get his female viewership higher:

  1. More Miss Vosk showing the ladies how they can do passive income too (prob reverse effect and high male viewership)
  2. Video on lolli or other crypto projects where the ladies can buy things with/for crypto instead of honey/groupon
  3. CGI Vosk’s head on Evans/Hemsworth/Reynolds/Gosling body

haha we are taking all of these into consideration now!