Why are my earnings so low?

Last december i installed 2 bobcat miners and bought two 45feet poles and 8dbi antennas and lmr400 cables. One miner is in the city were i live and the other one is at a abandoned location outside the city.
The one in the city has 3 other miners in the same hex, so no problem because they all are at least 300 meter apart from each other, so my miner has a perfect transmitscale of 1. The other one has it’s own hex that is at least 2 hexes away from the next one, so no competition or saturation there.
Both have connections with other miners that are located within a few kilometers up to 90 kilometers and even one that is 200 kilometers away.
On youtube i see video’s of people who’s miners make up to 1500 dollars a month, so how is it possible that i only make a few hundred dollar a month?

Exactly the issue. You saw it on YouTube. Those influencer’s can be made level validator and we or them would never know it. Validator level is a whole another payment scale. If you watch one of VOSK videos back in march or april 2020 he makes this huge amount. Then someone calls it out as being a validator and oh, it is by chance you get selected as a validator.

The HNT network people can work by IP address. We post what our HNT device names are and this public information for look up. Then on the backend the people running all these updates want the network to look good for others to be influenced to join the mining community.

Then the gaming or really just taking advantage of a loop hole in the way beacons worked in 2021 saw people with HNT devices up on 1000 foot towers being the beacon of the city. Those beacon only level pings resulted in up to $10,000 in earnings. So in November a huge change was made that even shut the blockchain down for 3 days.

This was one of the ones that is now black listed IP and stuck up on a 1000 foot tower

Pet Hickory Shell

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In their first month of operation my miners made an average of 0,18 and 0,21 hnt a day.
The one that makes 0,21 is the one that is outside the city and still has the relayed problem,
so when that is fixed i hope it wil do better than that.

The problem with Helium was that it was designed to be a group redundant load sharing IOT network but many people started buying better antennas and putting them really high. Then they would report that they had a normal location and antenna/height. The result was that one location would talk OVER a dozen others and make a bunch of HNT. That’s not what ‘the people’s network’ was supposed to be about. So Helium changed the network.

Now you must report how high your antenna is and how much gain it has. If your signal is way better than one for the specs you reported then Helium severely cuts your earnings. They also use signal to noise ratio, which you can’t really fake, to validate your reported location specifications now. This was the change @Miner388 mentions in November.

The Helium network is supposed to be the people’s network with many sites making a redundant IOT network and all sharing the load. When you go above & beyond that with your installation you no longer get a better reward. Really it was never supposed to be that way anyway. That time is long gone.

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