Why bother with KDA?

I’m new to crypto (and mining) but have started reading through threads here. There are quite a few about KDA and the relative difficulty converting it to anything else, using it, etc. Far more threads about it in fact than you’d expect for a coin ranked that low.

Yet the mining equipment for it (Goldshell Boxes and KD5s) is extremely difficult to get?

I’ve read some on KDA and it seems to have some impressive features so I get there is potential for it.

Can someone help me understand why this is a good coin to mine? What am I missing? Is this all potential based? Curious to here some more informed opinions/thoughts than my own.


Many people in this forum buy a miner for the QUICKEST ROI. KDA is “supposed” to be one of those hidden gem. That’s what it seems. Myself along with others that purchased KDA miners were in this way before the hype. Now that this hype has died down, we need to see if this coin is truly a gem or a sus.


That’s why I would fly to Vegas.

I love the idea of KDA. The braided chains, how fast it is. If it works, it’s basically the best of bitcoin and Ethereum. It looks like it was started by two guys from JP Morgans Crypto development team.

What we can learn from the Dotcom bubble was that the Internet was in fact a world changing, But most of the projects failed. The true test is finding the Microsoft’s, apples, Amazons, etc. of this new technology boom

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Thanks for the replies. There is a lot to love about KDA. Whether or not it pans out in the long term is another question. For now I’ll mine and hold KDA.

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