Why can’t I add more?

I have two KDBox2 set up and running fine. But I have 2 more to set up and run. As I try and add the 3rd box to this system (power/Ethernet) the whole set crashes. I seem to only be able to run two at a time. Should I be able to run 4? I have plenty of power ports. Just trying to figure this out any help would be great.

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It seems like the ethernet extender might only support 2 ports at one time.

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My netgear multi ports only have 3 ports. Ontain a second multi port adapter and plug it into a separate outlet. It doesnt matter if its on the same circuit. Maby it will work.


That’s what I was thinking but wasn’t sure. I can have two in the exterior even if they’re both on the same line. But only two will run.

Yeah I got that and I can run two off of one but not 3 or more

Have you tried to test with another switch?

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I started with one of these when I first started mining with kd boxes and as my farm grew I moved up to a few of the 24port switches