Why do Helium hotspots not beacon? Pls help

If any can help me out I’d appreciate it.

Vast Burgundy Cobra
5.8db up a 30ft pole.

Used to get 60-70 witnesses.
Used to get 400-450 responses in Discovery mode.

Added Ethernet cable.
Port 44158 is forwarded to the new Ethernet LAN IP.
Does not show ‘relayed’

Problem is:
Unit no longer beacons.
Discovery mode declined to 8-10 from 400-450.
Witnesses declined to zero from the mid 60s
Diagnostics since adding Ethernet shows NAT Type as ‘none’

If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong or can help me get this to start beaconing again I’ll marry you and make you coffee in bed every morning. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks if you can help. Vosk, you’re awesome man.


Did you find any solution or reason? I have the same problem exactly with 3 bobcat miners.

Let me know if you found out please.


I have the same problem. Were either of you able to fix your lack of beaconing? Thanks