Why Do I Mine Cryptocurrencies?

Why am I mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin instead of buying them? Actually it’s my secret investment technique and it’s not just about earning passive income mining but how I increase my investment returns and increase my crypto trading profits! Grab the best miner for 2023 here - Evergreen

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It’s easy to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but that is also why it’s easy to sell it… Mining BTC and other crypto is a much bigger endeavor and building a mining farm is one of the coolest experiences of my life, and with enough perseverance, cryptocurrency mining is one of the best investments, at least that I have ever made… I’m Drew Vosk and I want to explain why VoskCoin mines more crypto than it buys!

00:00 Why mine instead of buying crypto?
01:20 Crypto was boring?
02:07 Mining is the reason why I am still here
02:53 The evolution of mining
04:31 We are moving to the new farm
06:00 Mining is a fun way to bring the digital into the physical
07:37 Mining learned me allot!
08:30 Mining shed too tiny home?
10:00 This is why I mine

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Why Do I Mine Cryptocurrencies?