Why doesn't Goldshell sell the ST-Box?

Just curious, Starcoin seems like a good potential spec coin. I pay fairly close attention to the drops that Goldshell does, but have never seen them sell an St?!! Anyone no why??

Only sells on dxpool. not sure why, but its a thing, goldshell does not sell this model. here is the link https://www.dxpool.io/product/st-box/. i have bought two st-boxes and a ck5 from them, am satisfied with there service although their prices could be better.


How is the daily return on those ST boxes if you don’t mind sharing?

Thanks for replying

13-18 stc/day. i hold and wait for Starswap and staking opens…

There are some places where you still can get st-box but with big markup. To be fair dxpool had a good price but not available anymore. I’ve bought mine on asicminershub.com

I know that price is higher comparing to other websites but they do have it in stock, accepting PayPal and card payments and delivery times fast to compare with other vendors.