Why is ETH innosilicon ASIC miner is so cheap right now?

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I think the London Hard Fork/EIP-1559, plus ETH 2.0 and moving away from Proof of Work might be why ETH ASIC Miners are getting cheaper…

That’s just a guess.

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Thats site is a listed scam site fyi, by the real innosilicon corp.

Scam site

Then that explains the “too good to be true” deal…

Even if you get to the real company, don’t bother buying one of these. I bought one last July, A10 ETH Pro. 2 of the 3 hash boards quit after 2 months, and the power supply died in December. They wanted me to ship the whole thing back to China for warranty repair, but they were having “trouble” with their shipper so I had to figure out how to get it back to them. With shipping (2x ways) and customs that was almost as much as the miner itself. It would have been almost even money to just get a new one instead of getting the original one repaired. I’m in the US, so unless a company has a presence here don’t bother (if you are in the US).

I also agree that with the upcoming move to POS, the future for these ASIC ETH miners is a big unknown.

Thanks for the info, real world, I almost bought the A10 pro.
I went with building my own gpu rig, but with a pre-made rig. I’m ordering it local. The cards I’m getting myself.
Its about the same price as a used A10 pro. But the parts are all new with warranty and can switch mining a different coin, unlike the A10.
Done worrying I made the wrong choice.