Why is it when I type in VOSKcoins url. It is sending me to website 404? THIS MORNING. I Can't get into my accoun

Can we legit cloud mine with the real vosk or not. I’m now down 4k because if one letter in an url…

cause erh its a spoof url , fake and not a part of voskcointalk or asossiate with vosk at all , he said so on twitter and its a fake place to try mooch off the real vosk

But I used the official voskwebsite

VoskCoins is a fake scammer site impersonating the VoskCoin brand, DO NOT USE IT. Any funds invested into voskcoins will be lost… because they’re scammers… impersonating the real VoskCoin…

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how do i delegate my funds to vosks real delegated mining farms? im 4 weeks into 4 k with voskscoins… and need to find myway back, anyway ti retrieve it?

@Evan_k You got scammed, Vosk does not do this or anything like it. He mentions this all the time in his videos and on Twitter too. Stop spending any money on these types of things. IT IS A SCAM, GET OUT AND WARN OTHERS!!!

yeah sadly you gotten scammed there evan , there is no vosk mining farm nor cloud services, he has been warning people on twitter about alot of scam sites that will make various vosk sites and products he never signed up for, always double check-triple check when it comes to crypto there is sadly a sea of scammes out there what will do anything