Why is my KD-box rewards/payouts dropping?

It bumped up 2 days .8 and 1.0 the. Dropped back down

Everyone on Poolflare (and maybe other pools) got a big payout on the evening of the 8th & 9th because the Kadena network had problems those days. See how you only have one 9th payment. Adding up the extra KDA on the 8th and 9th makes up for the missing payment you should have gotten the morning of the 9th.

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Hey Joe, enter your public IP (not the goldshell box IP) and your email address. I tried it and worked for me.

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That’s what I was using - but I’ll try again. I wonder if they block certain service providers or countries…

It tells you the ip you should put just under the box. Just copy it in as it’s shown. I’ll add a pic if you’re still having trouble

Yep, that’s the IP I’m using so I’m not sure why it doesn’t like it. I even verified with whatsmyip website.

I’m having the same exact problem ( changing payout threshold to 1 ). On the bright side it seems my payouts have gone up now from the .5’s back to .62 today.

No issues on my KD boxes on DX pool

Making about 11 coins a day

WOW, that’s lot of boxes init. Hope you got them at a good price and not scalpers. If yes, man it’s a steal.

Is it normal to have a failed payout sometimes? Was there another Kadena network problem? I see I got about 0.4 extra the next evening but that is still 0.2 off the normal pay.

More people are connecting to mine means the difficulty is increasing and payments decreasing unfortunately.

Yikes. Mine dropped from 0.6 -0.63 to now 0.55

This is a checkmate to KD box mining. The reward is so low, our only hope is the price shooting up.


And yet the prices on the equipment are not budging at all. It’s because all the noobs want to jump into mining and paying scalping prices everyone (including on this forum)… SMH… it’s only going to get worse… and not just for KDA…

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