Why is my KD-box rewards/payouts dropping?

Looks like my payouts/rewards keep dropping how do I prevent that or increase my payouts? And why did it mine 1 full coin in the very first 12 hours of me plugging it in. Not complaining but if that’s the case I’ll unplug it in every 12 hours lol.

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Same issue with the Goldshell ST-Box, I was earning 19 coins per day and in less than 1 month, it’s down to 13 coins per day. I even switched pools to see if there was a difference, and there is not. I don’t understand why either.

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More miners coming online increases the difficulty. With the KD box, 1.8th isn’t much these days. That’s my guess.

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I have not had any drops on my KD box off DX.

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My ck box has been dropping as well. I agree with tommyknocker95, I think it’s just the amount of miners coming online creating more difficulty


Kadena backend work. not the pools faults.

hi guys .longtime reader,first time poster. ive noticed the same thing as steelersfan but i think you guys have hit it on the head.theres just so many people getting into the mining side of crypto and the advent of basically plug and play asic boxes from goldshell etc make it just so easy for anyone to take the plunge.it used to be rocket science but its become plug and play now. i get a chill down my spine when i think of what will happen when we face a halving event ontop

I’m not getting anywhere near that! What pool is that in?

looks like dxpool is no longer supporting kda until further notice from the kda dev team

Did they mention any reason for this decision?


They have stated it is due to kda network failure. They said they will be back online once this gets fixed by the dev team. F2pool has also paused their kda operation. Not sure about hashpool yet.

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Not a good sign that KDA just had a network failure. Thanks for the link! :+1:


It’s pool flare. Poolflare pays out every 12 hours. This morning it deposited 0.864!! For 12 hours!!

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I got .928

Got 1.0727 at 6pm. Hope it stays like this lol

I’m only get .58005 per 12 hours on poolflare… What sub pool are you getting those results Steelersfan43?

That was for more than 12 hours as it was down day before payout was skipped. On avg I see about 0.6 per 12 hrs

I also see about 0.60 - 0.65 on Poolflare.

Sidebar - anyone know how to save email / payout under the Poolflare Settings tab? If I enter the IP address it shows for me it just says :submit failed:{“status”:false,“error”:{“code”:“403000”,“message”:“forbidden”}}.

I’ve even tried VPN to a few different countries too - all didn’t work. I would like to up the payment minimum to 1.0 so I only get paid once a day.

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did you try this. Not sure that will do, but I assume should work

Yes, but just under that you have to enter your IP address for verification. When I enter what it says my IP is and then hit Submit it doesn’t save and I get an error.
Are you able to save a new value to Minimum Payout without error?
To be fair I think this is a new thing at Poolflare (first noticed it a few days ago) so perhaps it is still buggy.

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