Why is this Rural HNT miner making So Much Money?

Hi all, I was looking at miners in my area and most of them perform very poorly (like $20 per month). One in a more populated area makes about $150 per month. Then I looked just outside my area and found “Flaky Honeysuckle Mouse” Which looks like its located in the woods. Can someone give me a breakdown of why it is performing so well ($1,800 per month)???


Did you ever get an answer or figure it out? I went back through activity and was surprised this one had not popped a beacon in a very long time. It does witnesses other hotspots out to 40km so it’s not 1.2 dbi antenna. I would guess this is a tall 8dbi antenna on top of one of the large multi-story tanks or silos at the curve on N Jackson Hwy in this hex.

There are 75 hotspots on this same wallet. Could be this guy knows what he’s doing?

Better performance comes from height and then dbi. 5.8 is a great starter if you don’t want to learn more, but living in the flat dessert in Arizona I went 8dbi on a pole on the roof and I am very happy I did! I also get witnesses and witness hotspots out to 53km this week.

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Those amounts seem crazy low. Are you sure it’s not daily?