Why isn’t my miner showing up in DxPool

So I am new to crypto mining and I got the Sc box a couple of days ago and I try to set it up and I did everything right. It just won’t show my miner in DxPool I even did the firmware update. It’s been mining for 30 mins I think but the sc box doesn’t show up in DxPool

Help please I have been trying to get this to work but I just can’t figure it out

I think your pool settings are wrong
You need to goto pool settings and add your username.worker

You have to add your own details. The pool you have there is the one that comes with the miner. So you’re mining for Goldshell at the moment.


Your DXPool username

Password x

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Go to the Goldshell app or page and see if it is mining there. If there is no hashrate there then it could be a driver issue. The miner will actually get quieter when it is mining, at least mine does. If it is showing a hashrate on Goldshell then your pool setup is wrong. The easiest way is to go to pool and just click the dxpool icon and it will self input the info other than your username and miner