Why My Helium Mining Profitability WENT DOWN?!

Helium HNT the cryptocurrency that is mined by radio waves has been the best coin to mine all year, but my Helium mining profitability has been bad lately, why? Is it still worth it to buy a Helium miner? Buy the BEST Helium miner Bobcat miner 300 - https://voskco.in/HNTb

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Helium hotspot miners are the best mining rigs you can buy, but is that still true after numerous recent changes to the Helium network and blockchain outages thanks to Helium Inc. and parabolic growth of the Helium hotspot network?! My Helium mining profits have decreased recently – Why My Helium Mining Profitability WENT DOWN?! is the question I am asking, was it due to pocv11 yet they rolled it back to pocv10 and HNT miner earnings have still been lower than my historical averages. Sure more miners come online every day but HNT is a more valuable currency on average month over month, even simply when evaluated by its USD price point per coin. Let’s review what happened to Helium mining profitability and why I think Helium mining is still worth it in 2022!

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01:25 Which Helium hotspot should I buy?
02:52 What is the PoC v11 on the HNT blockchain?
04:58 What will PoC v11 do to Helium earnings?
06:26 EnVida is the future of environmental data
07:13 Should I buy a new antenna for my hotspot?
11:29 TrustNFT brings NFTs to DeFi loans
12:14 How has Helium HNT earnings changed?
14:37 VoskCoin Helium PoC v11 update

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Why My Helium Mining Profitability WENT DOWN?!