Why should gpu miners only do this?

Why should only gpu miners have fun with rbg my asics may be old but i a proud of them so what better than to show them off. This is a work in progress phase one was to make a mining cabinet, next was to add some rbg fans. Which i just completed last night during the monthly maintenance downtime.

mining cabinet with rbg video

Next is to work on reducing the noise and making a clear casing to house the hashboards in so you can see everything…

That’s pretty neat! How much time did you put into getting the rgb lights hooked up? I could just imagine a whole warehouse full ASICs with RGB lights going.

It’s not that hard to do you buy it as a set that comes with the fans a control hub and a remote control. Just drill the holes attach the fans plug them into the hub and power it up from a psu.

Got mine from eBay using social good so I got the SG crypto bonus.

I think once I make the new clear case to house the haahboards it will look even better.