Why the Hummer HS1 Handshake Miner is the worst Miner ever

I’ve bought one. And I really regret it!

The Dashboard looks really clean. Some words were translated incorrectly from Chinese to English. Some times they just have chinese text instead of English text. They let you change the Mining Information (which does not work) and not really anything else. The Dashboard is only good for checking stats of the Miner. Often the dashboard just kicks you out and you have to re-login again. Overclocking? No. Fan Control? No. Anything else besides looking at incorrect stats? No.

Changing Mining Information
After trying to change my Mining Information like 20 times and nothing happening besides me getting logged out of the dashboard I spent nearly 2 hours searching for a Manual. I found one in chinese and followed the Steps after translating it to English. Turns out you need an extra Program to even change the Mining Information. So I’ve downloaded the completely chinese Program and followed the steps in the Manual (there were pictures so all good). Miner then needs around 7 minutes to restart and save the changes.

Mining on Nicehash straight up doesn’t work. I don’t know why. The Miner just keeps sending Rejected Shares. F2Pool seems to be working fine. The Pool shows around 45-50GH/s instead of the advertised 80GH/s.

I’ve never heard so inconsistent fans on a Miner ever. They rev up to around 80%, then drop to around 20% and then shoot up again. I have nothing against loud ass fans but this is driving me insane. The Miner produces a lot of heat. I mean A LOT. It managed to heat up my 30 square meter appartment to 40°C in not even 2 hours of running. The PSU is also something else. Instead of using a normal cable and plug combo they require you to have a C19 plug and a cable rated up to 16 Amps. Why? Don’t know.

Overall I would never buy this miner or any other Miner from this manufacturer again!

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