Wifi or ethernet?

I’m using emrig to mine with my cpu. just moved up to a AMD 3900x. I’m wondering if I should sick with my wifi or connect it with ethernet?

I can only speak about mining with asics. Mining doesn’t take a lot of bandwidth. I have asics on Wi-Fi and wired and there is no difference.

Wifi is fine, but 2.4G for stability

thanks you!

While it shouldn’t matter, or make a huge difference… Wired will always be faster and more reliable.

Also if it is a computer you use often, you will find life wired will be just a touch faster in browsing and such. If you are gaming, definitely wired.

Was about to create a similar thread but will piggyback onto this one if the OP doesn’t mind?

I have a KD-Box arriving next Tuesday. Planning on setting it up in my garage. Wifi signal only with d/l speed about 250mbs. I have a TP_Link R220 extender with an ethernet port that was sitting around so I updated the firmware and set it up where I plan to place the miner. Hooked one of my laptops to the cable and tested speed using Ookla. ping: 17ms d/l: 48mbs u/l: 18mbs.

Do these numbers look good enough or should I crawl through the attic and run wires?


So FirePig, I have 6 Goldshell Box miners - a few doge, one each of LB, KD, HS. 3 of them are Wi-Fi and are hashing just as good as the other 3 wired ones. I put them around the house to spread out the heat. Just know if you want to switch back to ethernet you’ll need to connect and turn Wi-Fi off. Just plugging in an ethernet will be ignored. I wish it would prioritize ethernet if it finds one, but it doesn’t.

Your numbers look good to me. Mining doesn’t use a lot of bandwidth.

So I’d suggest just do what works best for you and then just watch to make sure the hashrate at the pool is what the machine should be doing (1.6Th/s for a KD-Box) and that the rejection rate is good. If you start having low hash or high rejects you can always run the wire then. Just my $0.02

Thanks JoeJoe. I appreciate the feedback. :grinning:

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