Will BTC ASICS still be profitable after the eth merge?

We all know gpu profitability will go down a lot after the merge, but will BTC asic profitability go down?

Given a BTC ASIC mines nothing but SHA-256 coins and ETH has nothing to do with SHA-256 there are very limited way in which this change can impact BTC mining profitability.

#1 Overall Crypto market movement that results in a change for the value of BTC for better or worse

#2 Increase in hashing power on the SHA-256 algorithm which would be if ETH ASIC owners replace their ETH ASICs with BTC ASICs.

I do not believe GPUs will begin mining BTC as I don’t believe any current GPU can provide enough hashrate to be profitable thus GPUs will move to other more profitable algorithms.

I think the miner manufacturers/suppliers will try to sell BTC miners with more than a two year payback even on a crashed coin in a bad economy. Then right after that the coin will half again, really putting the hurt on miners, unless it goes to @70k by the time that happens. I shut down my btc miners beginning of may, barely making 50 bucks a month on .12kwh electricity. The L7, KD Box and the rig are paying the light bill.