Windows update mid setup

Hi I’ve 3 min doge ltc "vosks " and a ck box … i got them all last week from different places sealed . I had 2 doge working fine and was putting the 3 and 4 on when windows updated to 11 . Didn’t ask just did it . Apparently it had been paused a few times by the Mrs . Now the 2 that were working don’t no pools no WiFi red light top and bottom and the 2 that were still to go on went red to … I’ve tried taking the laptop back to Windows 10 turned all the antivirus off etc etc carnt go on hotshots doesn’t look up the ip it takes me to sites of ip finders
Advanced and yoota see the miner but won’t connect hit reset and you get 40 seconds to unlock etc etc then it’s just OPPS CARNT it’s been 4 days now