Wiring and breakers for multiple miners

What is the best way to setup your electrical

ie. and which breakers / wire gauge should you use?

Many computer power supplies will run on 120-240 VAC thanks to switching power supplies. You will save a few watts simply by running 220VAC to your rigs with a double pole breaker.

Whether you run a 20 or 30 Amp circuit depends on whether you are running a dedicated circuit for one rig or a circuit to power a PDU (power distribution unit) and many rigs.

12 AWG wire for a 20 Amp circuit … 10 AWG for a 30 Amp circuit. Make sure all connections are tight which means tighten the unused screws on receptables too!

220 VAC twist lock receptacles (Leviton) are numbered L6-20 and L6-30 for 20 amp and 30 amp receptacles respectively.

120 VAC twist lock receptacles are L5-20 and L5-30 and Duplex receptacles are 15 and 20 Amps.

It is important to know what the load is so basically you should use dedicated circuits, with no other load.

Titanium then Platinum, then Gold, then Bronze power supplies are most efficient and save power as well as the savings you get using 220 VAC to power them.

I’d ask a contractor or local code inspector as well how old is the breaker box. I upgraded from glass fuses/ tube fuse in 2010 and was told the wiring is old but decent. My home was built in 1960 so I’ll look into wiring soon because it was more than a hint that the wiring is o.l.d. I’m running 4 gpu’s so my load is very low for now.