With crypto all users investing?

i have invested: 1 btc, 70 xrp, 10 usdt, 10 knc and 10 ant. wanna now mining eth. like i say im new in crypto not really know yet where is better invest im select his 5 crypto to learn how is working in btc im invest when it was 3600 plus last year i buy 2 s9k till now still mining and i have 1btc

I mine ETH in order to Stack Sats

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How much you ear per day?

my earnings are variable, because hash rates and crypto values change, but based on current data, it looks like about 60k sats / day (after deducting the electric cost, and exchange rates :slight_smile:

Here is my 2x s9

almost half pay electric its reason why i wanna move on rx580 mining eth till i done project of pmg to no more spend money for electric