Woohoo! Just got my hands on

A 3060ti!!

So I moved my ROG Strix 5700xt to the mining rig and I’m setting up the RTX in a few minutes. Unfortunately, since I also game on that PC, I can’t go full ham on mining config, but I’m excited either way. Once I get my two MSI cards back from RMA, then I’ll have 7x 5700xt in the rig.


Ok, here’s the update. After two days of sorting out why it wouldn’t run on Phoenixminer, turns out I’m dumb and didn’t install the correct driver. So now, here’s what I’m working with:

60% power limit
-250 core
+1500 memory

I’m averaging about 61.4-61.5MH/s at 119/120 watts.

A $430 card that’s making more than my 5700XT… now if only I can get my hands on more of these 3060ti lol.


i just got purchased a ROG Strix 5700xt for mining [PUMPED];
but i’m new to this card…
Carl can you share your experience tuning that GPU?

Currently my only GPUs are a pair of Sapphire NITRO+ AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB cards and I never really got them tuned to their full potential; would rather start off on the right foot with the 5700xt.

I’m by no means the right person to ask about this. I’m still struggling with HiveOS to keep everything mining with minimal overclocks. If you’re using Hive, I have mine running @ 52.08ish MH/s at 120ish Volts… so I’d probably check Mining Chamber or some of the other posts here about what you can push with it.

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ok will check around - thanks, g/l and happy mining!