WoolyPooly.com Official Thread

Hey there!


Welcome to WoolyPooly.com Official Thread.

WoolyPooly is builded on our own engine, we list solid and not easy projects, with short and long-term profit for miners.

With us you can mine Ae, Aion, Sero, Etc, Cortex, Handshake. We have both PPLNS/SOLO pools with 0.9/1.9% fee.

We don’t hold your coins so payouts go when min threshold is reached. Feel free to join our discord have a good day and wish you profitable mining!

Why You Should Mine on WoolyPooly.com?

We bring money. WoolyPooly is one of the most profitable pools, thanks to PPLNS reward systemand low comission fees.

Reliable team members. We are: Experienced mining pool supporters, Miners, Entrepreneurs.

Dedicated servers. Top performance with an excellent connection.

Customer service. We support our users most part of the day in several chats.


Q: What’s the pool payment frequency?A: As soon as minimum threshold is reached.

Q: What’s the pool payout threshold?A: Sero - 20, ETC - 0.1, XWP - 10, AION - 10, CTXC - 10, HNS - 10, AE - 10.

Q: Can I mine on exchange wallet?A: Yes you can.

Q: What is your payment method?A: PPLNS / SOLO.

Q: How many % is your fee?A: 0.9% / 1.9%

Q: What coins do you list on?A: We are looking for short and long term perspective projects.With good volume, great team and product in general.

Can you tell us more about you, the team members, and how long your mining pool has been around? Any interesting statistics like found X blocks (z% of blockchain) on Y coin?

Sure thx for asking.
We started our pool in November 2019.
3 people working for WP now - me, core dev and dev.
I am an entrepreneur in real world and started mining in July 2017. I worked a few weeks for f2pool and a few months for Luxor. Had a lovely year working for Veil project.
Core dev is a high-level specialist in programming and network building, but never worked in crypto before.
Same for dev. :slight_smile:
Together we want to build a very very solid project, not just a mining pool and take a big piece of crypto pie.

RVN mining pool with Nicehash support. We already found more than 595 KAWPOW blocks and would be happy if you join us.

We have both PPLNS and SOLO pools in EU and USA.

Our full mining guide is here - https://medium.com/@Woolypooly_com/how-to-mine-raven-rvn-69a873a4f304

is it possible to mine on your pool using HiveOS?

we have preinstalled flight sheets with all miners

really so I should see WoolyPooly in the drop down menu when I select my pool if I am mining a coin you have a pool for?

yes we did flight sheets for all the coins we have on pool
but pls keep in mind US server available only for RVN and AION now

Yes I see that now thanks for the info!

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Grin on Wooly!

PPLNS and SOLO rewards system. Https, TOR and file payouts supported.

Fee is low, just 0.9%. Vardiff feature. Nicehash support.

US and EU dedicated servers with low latency.

Our mining guide is here - https://medium.com/@Woolypooly_com/how-to-mine-grin-full-mining-guide-55f8f0fa7d51

Web - https://woolypooly.com/#/coin/grin

Feel free to ask me any questions here or in PM.

Happy hashing!