Work For VoskCoin: InvestYG

Hello Vosk (et. all),

I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for the past couple of years (Parody Games on YouTube) and saw your post on Discord about looking for help. I am able to read and follow directions, which seems to be a skill set sorely lacking on both the forum and Discord channel :wink: Professionally, I’m a programmer, though nothing related to blockchain. I’m not really looking for anything full time, but I would like to volunteer to help with forum moderation, fighting spam, and possibly a little writing.

I’ve been interested in crypto since late 2018 and ran across your channel. I stuck around for Tails, but also appreciated your enthusiasm for mining and not hyping projects to just try to make a buck. As for my crypto experience, I’ve set up a masternode, run an an Eth GPU mining rig, traded on plenty of exchanges, and played a lot of blockchain games.

If you think that I might be able to help, feel free to let me know, and keep making quality content! :slight_smile:

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I am a n00b programmer, but I’ve built some web stuff, and am getting into solidity for smart contracts. One project I saw Vosk talk about was a clone of some of the “index” sites. Mining profitibility calculators, market cap trackers, etc.

That looked like a good project. If you’d like to team up and work on something like that, I’d be game.