Worth it or not AL Box?

Hey I’m looking to buy the AL box for $7000. Do you think I’ll roi in less than a year and do you think it won’t drop to 0.30 in two months. Please let me know what you think and if I should do it.

I don’t recommend it

i miss @Krisz

also don’t recommend it


Most everyone on here that isn’t a reseller will tell you it’s not recommended. Box miners are great if you have them right when the crypto is pumping, but when a box miner goes up by 10X because the box miner is paying 100 dollars a day, the ASIC manufacturers are pretty swift to act. Rumor has it the Bitmain is making an ASIC for Alph and when they hit the market they will take over the hashrate and make the box miner essentially a paperweight.

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the harsh reality with box miners is they loose efficency each day-week-month, initally most box miners = oh yes get em, then the crowd gets acess to them and the profitability goes south south and south , add in the fact companies seeing X miner selling at x prices they will introduce more effective miners driving the hashrate thru the roof and making the box miners a way to heat your aparment (points to post above)

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I took the chance on this miner. I paid $6900 from Crypto Miner Bros. The miner has been on line for 11 days and it’s averaging 15.27 coins per day. I guess it’s now a race to see how many coins I can mine before a superior miner obsoletes the AL Box.
I wanted to learn about mining so rather than invest $6900 to buy 3800 tokens, I decided to buy the miner and see if I can mine 3800 tokens before it becomes a book end.

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The good news is Bitmain did not announce an AL miner at WDMS Las Vegas. Looks like the AL Box owners have a little more time to ROI. :grinning: