Would GPU based miners switch to render streaming after Eth goes POS?

Hey all, I’m working on a metaverse project and it has a strong mining element. I’m calling it mining but there is no hash involved, it is essentially using the GPU for ‘render streaming’. I plan to deliver AAA fidelity in an MMO Metaverse project with a focus on public school students as the key audience. By utilizing render streaming, the metaverse will work on all devices including school-issued chromebooks. Today, there is no GPU edge network which is decentralized (and the ones offered by AWS and Google are sad). I want to invite GPU miners who find themselves SOL thanks to Ethereum’s switch, and also offer mining appliances, following HNT’s formula (in a way)… the more dispersed the GPU edge network, the more valuable it is. This means geography and population density is a factor…

Anyway, without getting too into the weeds, I wanted to get a temperature read on folks here… We’d create a container running Unity inside. One instance per GPU, and you earn based on the factors mentioned above along with stream time. As it might take time to grow the network, I think we’ll probably pay synthetic rates to the miners so that miners can be happy during year one, even if we don’t have the user count yet. Those payments would come from initial $ investments. The goal is to reach a critical mass of population in a year, so that the network can support itself… but in the meantime, we’ll pay miners out of pocket.

We’re still seeking funding and talking to boards of education, but I wanted to get the feelers out. More info at http://Highwater.world

Thanks all. hit me with questions here. I’ll check in throughout each day.

shouts to @VoskCoin and Miss Vosk.