Would love help designing a mobile mining rig

Greeting, long time YouTube listener. About.me/eog
I recently created a blockchain research company. Got my EIN. And I am turning my van into a solar powered mobile node/mining rig for decentralized networks. I travel between san Francisco and seattle on the coast, mostly talking to folks about bitcoin and adoption of various use cases.

I can put up to 750-1000 watts of solar on my roof with 2500 to 10k amp hours of storage. I need to determine if I can run a lightning node or something like the NODL. Maybe a raspberry pi set up. I would like to start with USB miners and scale up as I test and publish research on my mining.

The plan is to start with the lowest powerconsumption, maybe a GPU miner, XYO, or others I may not k ow about. And then over the course of a year scale up. To 1k in panels and 10k in storage.

I would gladly give Voskoin 1st rights to publishing any data and social media related to the mining rig, that comes from this venture. I would even consider tokenizing the ownership of the rig and splitting 50/50 tokens mined and fees earned from validating transactions.

My long term play is to prove concept in a gas powered vehicle, then in 3 years migrate to an electric cargo van from VW or Aptera! And ofcourse they will have autonomous driving, so if you connect the dots you will notice how in 5 years I will be very well positioned for expansion of the mobile mining company.

At minimum proving concept in my van would allow me to then test a rig in a Bus. The disaster relief org I work with, altruistrelief.org is currently moving our kitchen gear from potrero on the US border into Mexico to feed thousands of refugees a day. Our Mobile kitchen could not only support feeding and sanitation for a refugee camp, (or ecoological restoration camp) it could also provide internet access provide internet access and power to the refugee camp.

I have support from the San Francisco State University Crypto Startup School and the LGBTQIA Business Center in San Francisco as well. I have access to a solar engineer and welder for the installation of all the hardware, I just need a 3 stage design for building out the rig and maybe a to make a friend who wants to be part of this!


What are you looking for in this three (3) stage design?

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my first stage is what ever proves the concept on my current budget, which is not big. However i do have some storage and panels already, I have phone, laptop, and soon to be testing a new cell plan. I am hoping that maybe i can get used USB miners. this stage also includes the first painting of a BTC symbol on my van in order to turn it into a btc billboard. Currently I am resource mapping the west coast of california and oregon in order to plan my travel initerary for the next 6 months to a year (which may include Washington. This stage has intermittent uptime and often times with no extra power.

Stage 2 will require an upgrade in storage and panels as well as the addition of a Lightning Node and whatever else I can power and test. At this point I hope to run the “Rig” as close to 24 hours a day as possible. This Stage will also be tested for 6 months to a year before any additional power upgrades. this stage may also require some funding so i may create a small DAO or social token to share the ownership the Stage 2 “Rig” and also share in the tokens mined or fees earned from validation. it is also possible at this point that i receive Sponsorships from DAOs like uniswap for putting thier logo on my Van, if this happens than I can just pay for the stage 2 rig and begin planning for stage 3. I am also open to Sponsorships from other communities.

Stage 3 Rig doesn’t have to be designed anytime soon, however it is good to know where this leads. Stage 3 is the stage where i have the most panels, storage, and capture of vehicle energy and have the most profitable rig that I can test. The idea here is that after a year or two (when Electric Cargo Vans hit the market in 3-4 years) I can then approach EV Cargo Manufacturers and request a Cargo Van, with autonomous driving, and install a Stage 3 rig in the New to market Electric Cargo Vans. The Stage 3 Rig is a prototype for a mobile rig that could deploy to a Refugee camp and provide IT infrastructure. In a month or so, AltruistRelief.org will have 2 buses providing food and sanitation services to refugees in Mexico. Aptera and Volkswagon may have cargo vans in 3-4 yrs.