Would love to buy a Bobcat Miner from some generous human!

I’ve ordered three, but gal darn it I can’t wait for them to ship! Somebody sell me one!

I paid $1300 for each of the ones I brought on ebay. Used only 2, so one for sale at $1300… shipped only to usa address

Boom. I’ll take you up on that, my man. How do we go about doing this safely?

I expect a payment that puts the money in my pocket immediately and that is ZELLE, or Apple pay on my cell number 2149732317 … or i do have Cash APP I also use.

If you pay today, I will print the EXPRESS mail label today and have at the post office at 11am today Monday 11/29/21

You can call or text if you like too, and I will also send you picture with todays date to your text number.