Would you buy a used L3 for $1200

Hi, I have an opportunity to buy a used L3 Antminer for $1200.00 . from a guy who is mining.
So, not a certified reseller or anything like that.

The guy is about a 30 minute drive from me. So, I’ll be able to see them mining and confirm they work.
I actually might buy 2 of them at that price.

I’m looking for some quick opinions.
1.) Would you guys buy these at this price?
2.) If these things break, what is your experience getting parts/third party support to help fix one?
I’ve seen a few threads online about some of them needing new boards.

Any opinions would be welcome.
Thank you

Please ask him how long he has used his miner and the condition of his miner. Ask if there are any exterior damages along with any internal damages (4 hashboards). $1200 isn’t too bad, but it isn’t the best, especially if you can get it right away and start mining. Thing about asic purchases are you need to be aware that at any moment, your hashboards can stop working for whatever reasons. There are places you can get your miner fixed, but they may require moq.

ewww minumum orders for parts… Good to know.
I’ll ask him if all hashboards are in good condition. He did mention that the miners are ‘fair’ condition.
I asked him how many coins he’s mining per day. He never answered me. I’m not sure if that is cover up or if he’s not sure.

He also offered 5 of them for $5000.00 I actually appreciate that… I can afford to lose that kind of money on a bet. But , I’d kind of rather not lose any money at all. I guess just like everyone else I’m trying to mitigate risk here.

If you are looking to spend 5G, i’d look into purchasing goldshell x5.

Doing just a quick calculation and using a range of electrical costs at 0.12 and 0.28 per kwh it looks like an ROI of about 80% to 90%. Not factoring in increasing mining difficulty. Daily profit $2.80 to $3.00. So, it will take over 13 months to pay off the rig.

Thank you. I appreciate the calculation. I’m actually planning to hold. I’m not massively bullish … But I do think it has potential to reach a dollar per coin in a year… I know some people think doge is going to go to zero… I’m willing to bet against that. Again, that’s really good information. I do appreciate it.

I’d rather not do 5k at the moment. :slight_smile:

I do very much appreciate that thought on the goldshell x5 though.
You’re saying to do two of them, yes?
It looks like they’re going for about $2500 right now…

I like to at least buy things in pairs, if not threes. That way, if something breaks, I’m still up and running, even if its only at half power.

Make sure you have a place to put them. Noise and electricity wise that is. 800 w x 2 on one 15 amp circuit has a chance to blow the circuit if you have any spikes.