Would you like an extra 40% to 50% hash rate?

If this is what you would like, then an immersion cooling system would be your best choice. An immersion cooling system is a product that can shorten your ROI.

Apexto immersion cooling systems are technically sound and stable, and Apexto already has an established technical team compared to other suppliers on the market. Our team can answer technical questions about how to install and solve any issue you may encounter.

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Guys, correct me if I’m wrong here but your ASIC would have to have overclocking abilities to increase the hash, right? This product would just help keep it cool when your rig was working double time.


Yes. Some mining machine models such as Antminer’s S19 series have overclocking software or hardware that can be overclocked in the oil cooler and have higher hashrate. For some machines that do not support overclocking, it is more of a function to reduce noise and cool down the temperature.

@Apexto I think you should quit starting threads to advertise your products.