Wrong information? SCAM ALERT

PRETTY SURE THIS IS A SCAM. 99.64% sell tax is insane.
Ok, What is this? anyone seen this? its on miner stat, and I’m getting hyped, over what’s probably just bad info. heres what I’m seeing X Akamaru Inu mining calculator - Ethash :pick: | minerstat ok just found this. According to CMC the sell tax for the trading pair, the only way out, is Sell tax: 99.64% So, you can make $30 a day with a 3070, but with that tax?? not a chance for any money.
Heres the CMC link where it shows the sell tax warning AKAMARU/WBNB Real-time On-chain DEX Data (coinmarketcap.com)
Go down to warnings, and it will say there are 2 of em. Im just surprised minerstat would allow such a scam on there website.

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