WTB Bobcat 300- New or Used

Interested in buying a Bobcat 300…maybe even a couple. Used is fine if it works. Thanks!

RAK wireless is dropping their MNTD box tomorrow. The last batch sold out in a flash. Definitely worth trying to get if you’re in the market for a Helium miner

Yesterday, I just purchased a new Bobcat 300 on Ebay (they have some good buy now prices without the 6 month wait) - this is what I learned after researching used.

If you purchase a used Bobcat 300, the previous owner is the only one who can reset the device, otherwise they will get your earnings. So even if the Bobcat is in your possession, there is nothing you can do without the cooperation of the seller - who must be the registered owner - and this must be done after purchasing the device. Resetting the Bobcat 300 to factory resets does not transfer the ownership. There may also be fees involved, which you might have to pay (transfer fee, $10 location update fee, ect.).

The good used Bobcat 300 sellers will explain this in their listing and provide instructions after the sale on how to transfer ownership. The sellers who do not mention the transfer process, I would stay away from, you never know if they are selling a Bobcat 300 from a 3rd party with no way to transfer ownership.

From what I saw, you can pick up a brand new Bobcat 300 for around $1200 on Ebay, pre-owned are slightly less and might not be worth the hassle for around $1100+.

The wait to order from Bobcat is 20-28 weeks which will cost around $500 after shipping, tax, and crypto transfer fees.

Sent you DM… not like I have not posted many times already I have a new in box unit.

I have a couple up for grabs. New in box, unused. Upgraded with 2G RAM. LMK if interested.

bobcat.com less than $500 new.

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Here’s a link to my post on the marketplace

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