WTS: L7 hashboard without heat sinks

Selling a L7 hashboard without the heat sinks (unless you want water cooling plates with it)
It’s a 120 chip 9.05gh model, ideal for replacing a broken board and using the air cooled heat sinks from that board. In the pictures that has the small white box with the screen, that’s my hashboard tester showing 120 working chips.
Asking price is $1000 usd, I’ll accept btc, ltc, Kaspa, doge and usdt.
Item is located in Adelaide South Australia but ill cover shipping.
Will also include stencils so you can apply the putty paste before putting your heat sinks on it, easy job should take no longer than 15 mins and I can make a video to show you if you have no idea.


If anyone is interested I am auctioning this off on EBay. I have no idea if it’s set to ship worldwide but I’ll happily ship it worldwide Bitmain Antminer L7 9050 REPLACEMENT HASHBOARD, NO HEATSINKS! | eBay

I am bumping this, asking price is $1500 but negotiable please make an offer want it gone ASAP. I also have 2 L7 PSUs, one brand new but gave an error when I tested it (Only ran it once). Can run it on my tester to see if theres a true error, I am happy to chuck the PSUs in for anyone who offers $1500. an extra $100 for worldwide shipping with DHL