XFX RX580 8 GB GTS issues...need some help

Bought 2 580"s have installed one while I’m waiting for some other parts …from what I’m reading on some forums it needs a bios flash…in adrenaline it’s only showing 1100mhz for clock speed…this card is supposed to be 1386mhz… apparently this is somewhat common? Anyway…I have no issue trying to flash it I just never have…anyone willing to walk me through the process? Any help will be much appreciated…

There is a YouTube video of Vosk showing how to BiosFlash any 400-580 AMD cards. its actually quite informative and quick.

Yep I found that thanks!!
Here’s what I ran in to…I’ve downloaded several different versions of Polaris bios editor and keep getting same error…“sorry no supported memory found”
Hmm…wtf :joy::joy:

I sent xfx support a message … hopefully they’ll respond