Y’all are something

I’ll tell you, you folks are something. I am forced to group y’all as one at this point due to the sheer level of cyberstalking, cyber abuse, identity theft, sim swap fraud, etc. you have stolen my sense of security, my trust and belief in even those closest to me. You have robbed me of even the most basic of functions and what’s sick is you all get off on it. You should be utterly ashamed of yourselves. I’m sure some trolls and ignorant beings with no sense of reality or clue about the damages In which they have and are causing will be along to gaslight me some more calling me crazy and god knows what else. Trust me I will find out who, what, when, where, why and how. I promise this much is assured. The insanity behind the logic in also turning down the offer/ opportunity to help one another (for whomever reading this is actually not involved) is also disappointing. Offering something that comes with out the possibility of fiscal loss; to people who admittedly would snatch up 5 at the price, only to be disrespected, gaslighted, and ignorantly assumed against is a microcosm of what this world has become. Thank you for ruining my peace of mind and ultimately my life. Save the gas lighting I have over whelming evidence to refute my claims. Thanks.

LoL, Don’t get you panties in a bunch.


It’s sort of beyond that point bud

If everyone is so terrible on the site, why keep posting here? There are plenty of other places to discuss crypto.


It’s geared toward the shillers / fake accounts of one individual and his gang who have tried to cancel me and blame me for things that are clear as day his fault. I have a very bitter taste and am trapped due to them. Can’t quit and must try as everything depends on it.

I ain’t had a dog in this race with you but your behavior has always seemed erratic so please don’t take offense to what I say. I believe you should seek some professional help and stay off most online communities while you seek help. My comments are based on what I have observed in your post and all I have to go on. I hope the best for you and your well being and I intend to stay out of any further discussion here.


I don’t believe ur correct and until you are in my shoes and cyber stalked, abused, hacked, compromised, have ur bank accounts drained, identity stolen, accounts closed by the people, data stolen, privacy stolen, safety of ur family; stolen. You say whatever you want. Someone was in my home. Look at the toaster, certainly wasn’t like that when I left it. Save the gaslighting and claiming someone is insane until you understand or walk their shoes. Gf accounts closed, hacked, compromised, 3 cc opened in my mothers name. You tell me.


when I left it and there certainly wasn’t anyone who was there to do it in that time frame.

I think you need professional help


I really didn’t want to add more to this but I do want to add just a small piece here. A large part of my remark is from the post I believe you made showing police outside presumably your residence and a strong indication in that post of this causing mental distress. Much of the mental distress seems to revolve around online interactions so it would seem avoiding it would be beneficial to your mental health. I accept that I may not be correct or accurate in my assessment which I tried to convey in my original post to this thread that I am merely an onlooker who has a limited view to work from and am doing my best with sincere concern for another persons well being. I am sorry if this has offended you it was not meant to be but I am aware that it could be taken as such and I am sorry if it has been. Thank you and best wishes to you.

Lol. Needing financial help that cannot be gotten because of someone’s false and disgusting narrative and gaslighting is what solves all the issues surrounding me my life and mental health, yet despite offereing digital contract full kyc and the works it’s impossible to come about,

hes just a troll, the whole sob story and pics and everything else about this personality is fake. ignore him, and eventually when he isnt fed enough attention he will go away.


Uhh who are you ?

Just a passerby…gotta ask, if people really did do all these things to you, how did they get your personal info? Address and names and such?

Transparency, kyc urself trying to do the right thing or who knows anymore