Yesterday PD$ Perfect Defi Staking site down

I went and staked 80 $PD tokens on and like any other obsessive crypto investor, i ckecked the site today and it’s not available. Could it be my Chome browser or is t a scam token? LOL
It’s only 40 bucks but damn, you just did a video and next day the site is gone??
If anyone has any info it would be great. I’m hoping it’s just down for maitnance but who knows?
Thanks in advance

arkwarrrrddddddd much this is

also look at this part of the video Binance $600M HACK BUT a New BNB Smart Chain Token with Staking Launching Now! - YouTube

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yea, i put 40$ so if it’s gone so what. live and learn… but the day after the video drops, thats classic.

it happens, these shitty people suck. but if you want you can report them. i dont remember the exact government office, but there are places to report to help everyone “maybe” get your money back.

I see Vosk Deleted the Video of these scammers. Very Dissappointed in your due dilligance for this project. … I hope you made more than the $40.00 i lost. 0xA69D108D06C878ED745a18e2F9AF9045B02603a3
My metamask if you want to return the $40.00 They were gone the day affter your video. DUE DILLIGANCE BEFORE YOU MAKE A VIDEO!!!

did all the research we could, illustrated the risk, even said don’t use their staking app until they revise their audit as the audit said FAIL – clearly labeled it as a third party sponsored review and the review was as transparent and honest as it gets – their site went down, I tried to contact them, email bounced back, decided at that point the video should be removed.

All of the liquidity is still there, so anyone can still interact with the dapp, its a smart contract, so if someone would build a new interface you could continue using their “ROI app”.

So to be clear, only scamming possible would be selling against the rising PD token and then pulling the plug. it’s a pretty weird scenario.

Have a look on-chain yourself,

Again, not happy about the performance at all, but this was as high risk as it gets, and labeled exactly that. I thought the same thing about Drip, and that token has surprisingly done well but will fail if no new users come in

I bought $500.00 worth of PD tokens on the day of released and staked them. I guess my money is gone. There were 3 different YouTubers who spoke about the project and hyped it, but now all those videos are gone. This is very sad. This is my first time participating in such kinds of project. So many scammers in the space!!!