Yet another new guy with questions

Sooo… A little intro for those who care and the questions are further down Look for the wave emoji if you want to skip the intro. :stuck_out_tongue:

I came in a roundabout way to mining. Early december I was just trying to grab RTX 3080 for my new gaming pc and got fed up after having my reserved stock given to someone else twice at Canada Computers. So I went somewhere else and paid an outrageous price for an EVGA 3090.

Next day I kinda felt guilty and my wife yelled at me so I figured I’d try to mine with it to make a bit of money back.

Watched videos, read a bunch of stuff, invested a bit of money in, poked around Nicehash, did some silly stuff and wasted a lot in gas fees…

And finally just a week ago completed my first rig with my own shoddy built frame. Its running 6 gpus ( 4 x RTX 3060 TI and 2x RTX 3070) . Running on anAsus Prime Z390-P with a Celeron G4930.

:wave: Questions

  1. I’ve read some place that this motherboard can run up to 8 GPUs. I assume I would need to find something that converts M.2 sockets to PCIE ports? Or I’ve also seen posts of people using PCIE ‘splitters’ on their PCIE 4x port (and possible 16x too?)… Am I right there?

  2. I’d like to build a 2nd rig using a frame I had ordered (but that came late hence why I built my first frame). Is there any advantage to looking into server PSUs? Or am I fine with stuff like the Corsair RMX1000?

  3. I’m open to ideas and advices :slight_smile:

Its a little ugly but it seems to work fine so far.

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How did you get the motherboard to start bios I did f7 and not being control alt delete and nothing any help would be appreciated