Yo Vosk! Clarification on your How to set up ASIC mining video please

Yo Vosk/All…

In the video How To Set Up an ASIC Miner - YouTube you at 15:55 you reference having a Doge address and LC address to enter into F2Pool. All you say is you want to have one, they are different, make sure you understand that and set it up accordingly.

Forgive me for being such a noob… but I entered my coinbase wallet no problem. But don’t have any idea how to get the LC or Doge addresses.

Please advise on what this means… and how to mine directly into coinbase for all those benefits.

Thank you all!

I’m also a noob so take my word with a grain of salt… but if I remember correctly he said since it mines both coins, you want to make sure you put your wallet address’ in for both coin or else you’ll be loosing those coins since they won’t have a wallet address to be mined into.

Thanks for participating in figuring this out.

It starts at 15:37 and ends at 15:55. He clearly says when using F2Pool, choose the coin you are mining for example if you are mining LTC then click it and enter your LTC address and then below you will see Doge… you’ll want to have a doge address as well, they are different, make sure you understand that and set it up accordingly.


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Have not used f2 pool for a while but if it’s what I think in the f2 pool account you need to put both ltc and doge coin wallet addresses in there. As you mine ltc on the pool you get dodgecoin as a byproduct. Btc has something similar. So as you mine ltc you will get free dodgecoin just make sure to put your wallet addresses in the account section in f2pool.

Also as I side note I would not mine directly to Coinbase they were hacked recently. For ltc and dodge coin I use coinami it’s a software for desktops android and has a lot of crypto wallet options to use. .

It will create wallets for you and you can send receive and even exchange though the app. It’s free or you could download the qt wallets for them.

I keep all my crypto on my wallets then send to the exchange if I want to convert it.

Thank you!

So for all the dumb dumb noobs out there that read this, here is what I have figured out. Please confirm. :slight_smile:

Turns out in your wallet you have a “receive” address.

Click receive and you get a list of coins… as in “what coin do you want to receive?” Because you need an address for that coin to receive it in your wallet.

Click receive, click coin.

After clicking the coin you get this little piece of awesomeness which is a super crazy set of characters or a QR code which is your address for that coin on your wallet when someone odd sending it to you.

Sorry I am so lame but it appears as that is the answer.

Click lit coin, get litecoin address. Click doge, get the doge.

So I put those in my f2pool settings and now I hope for a payout. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Good luck all, happy mining and I hope this helps somebody in The future…

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