You Can MINE Bitcoin With These NFTs?!

These new NFTs want to distribute BTC mining hashrate to their holders - allowing you to earn passive income mining Bitcoin without ever having to own a miner?! Subscribe to VoskCoin for more!

Mine BTC with the Hydro Whale NFTs - HYDRO WHALES - BTC Mining Club
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I love crypto mining, and I love NFTs! Combining both of them is like a dream come true for me - being able to earn passive income mining without actually having to own a loud, expensive ASIC miner? These Hydro Whale NFTs are essentially tokenized hashrate for Bitcoin miners. Will the project succeed in mining Bitcoin for their NFT holders? What is the future of the project? I’ll show you how to mint a Hydro Whale if you choose to do so, and see how their Bitcoin mining rewards system works!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Earn Bitcoin returns on your NFTs?
01:07 Bitcoin mining right now
02:38 What is the Hydro Whales Mining Club project?
07:02 Team behind Hydro Whales Mining Club project
07:37 Royalties on Hydro Whales Mining Club NFTs
08:23 Hydro Whales Mining Club legal audit
10:58 How to mint a Hydro Whales Mining Club NFT?
16:25 Hydro Whale Mining Club NFT rewards

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You Can MINE Bitcoin With These NFTs?! Hydro Whales Mining Club Review


cant even afford to buy nfts, since my eth mining profitability (dollar value and eth amount) have gone down so much. right now im just mining to hold a little bit, and sell a little bit for extra income.

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