YOU COULD CLAIM 0.8 ETH RIGHT NOW $969 FOR FREE?! Not a scam ? SDT airdrop

The Uniswap airdrop gave thousands of dollars to many crypto users, then 1inch airdrop gave another thousand dollars to crypto users, and now if you claim the SDT airdrop you will get 0.8 ETH or $969 for FREE?!!! Subscribe to VoskCoin to make sure you don’t miss huge financial opportunities like this one!

If you used any of the coins/apps or services on the list below OR donated to any of the Gitcoin grants in their round 8 which we talked about NUMEROUS times here on the VoskCoin channel and illustrated not only is it incredibly beneficial to do for Ethereum creators, but also made you eligible for the Badger airdrop and possibly other additional airdrops…

You are now eligible to claim ~147 FREE SDT Stake DAO tokens, currently worth 0.8 Ethereum or $969 dollars! HERE!

You can trade your SDT tokens on 1inch which will search for the best rate for you -

You have to add the token to 1inch – simply paste this

You can also use this link to trade ETH and SDT directly on 1inch

Once you claim your SDT tokens you can trade them on Uniswap here -

Join Gitcoin and don’t miss out on an awesome ecosystem and opportunities in the future!

Wondering if you are eligible for the Stake DAO SDT token FREE airdrop currently worth 0.8 Ethereum or $969 dollars?! Review this official list!

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