Z15 coming back in stock tonight

Just an FYI, Bitmain announced that the Z15 is coming back in stock tonight (the 14th) at 8pm est., and will be on sale until the 17th.

Are you buying one?

I was seriously considering buying one until they raised the price by $1,100…Granted $5K for a miner still isn’t tons, but when it is only making $5-6K per year at the moment, that makes it less interesting. Granted back at November pricing it would have been making about $16K a year…so $5k for a machine that has the potential to make almost $20K a year, only uses about 1,500 watts, and is on a chain that isn’t gonna get hit with the spikes that Scrypt will from the L7s or SHA-256 will with the new 200T machines…It might still be worth it.

Have you actually seen them in stock? i’ve been waiting n its been out of stock all night and this morning.

Sold out before 8 pm last night it went on sale 5 min early sold out in under a min

I was on it from 7PM it said out of stock, only thing changed was the price but it kept saying out of stock.

left me to think if they had like 5 in stock and playing us or they had none.

Same for me, I was on within the first 2-3 minutes, and the only thing that changed was the price and payment methods. My guess is that, like Bitmain usually does, they didn’t actually open it on time. I’m almost thinking that it will actually open tonight. I don’t think they are sold out yet…They said the max order per account is 50 machines, so I’m guessing they have a decent supply. I kinda think they take the orders, and then build the machines. I guess we will see.

Listed as $3936 now and that it will be on sale till 02/17

Did anyone actually see it listed in stock?

I think they are behind…If you click on the banner it shows the price as $3936, but if you go to the store it shows the price as $5K…Both say out of stock.

I’d like the lower one if I can lol

Would you guys still want to buy this machine when ZCash is actually attempting to go POS this year?
Or does the algo support another coin that is profitable?

I’m trying to get my hands on one tonight, good luck to all……such a lottery lol.
Though I didn’t see them accept usdc, anyone know much about their payments? Much appreciated.

I’m not sure what is going on…One page says they only accept wire transfer, and the price is under $4k, another page says they accept, usdt, usdc, & btc, and the price just went up this morning to $6k…but both pages say sold out…so who knows.

Yup!..its definitely a lottery :game_die: lol

Any winners?