Z15 Mining - Nicehash Pool

Hi all, just wanted to drop in as I received my first Z15 today. As the title states I am using Nicehash, and currently pulling in around 16-20 usd. its only been running for 20min so ill report back later on temp’s and such. Its in my house, secondary office and will be placed in a grow tent once it arives along with my 5700xt rig.

So far, results are as expected based on their claims, I’m getting 458ksols. So far so good!

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nice i am interested in this

Alright, sorry its been a few days.

Setup is as follows:
Running a 750cfm exhaust fan and intakes via the bottom vents until my inline intake shows up tomorrow. Trying to save my AC so I only run them at night :slight_smile:

So far with the Z15s vertically oriented, exhaust shooting right into the exhaust fan, temps are as follows.

Update tomorrow when the setup is fully complete and im not dumping as much A/C out the window.


this is awesome, thanks for sharing, keep us updated and post some pics!

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please get us some pics. thanks for sharing

Pics of the setup.

I am no thermal expert and its probably overkill but I figured being that each fan produces around 200CFM and I have two units, that would be 800CFM with no resistance. Obviously the ASIC boards lower the volume of air, how much I dont know. I do know they feel like a wind tunnel from the back. So based on that I went with the 740CFM setup. Id be curious on how many I could run vertically opposed and still maintain nominal temps. They run much cooler than horizontal open air.

Nicehash Payouts

Keep in mind that I turned the Miners off during peak heat hours, so the 4.92 payment most likely reflects that, given a 3 hour payout cycle.

On average we are looking at 47 USD a day at that pay-rate.

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Great update. Thank you! I hope those numbers keeps up! I have just noticed 17MS/s come online 39 Z15s come online SOLO at 2MINERS.COM These are another of the ones I will regret not getting first batch. I will run my z9minis until they won’t hammer any more.

Small update, these things are still cranking along above their hash rate 438 avg. Between 50-60USD (actual payout) a day based on current prices of both Zcach/BTC. I have not tried Luxor, but I have two additional July batch coming that I may test on their profit switching algo.

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These Z15 will be solid for sure for a bit I feel