Zcoin (xzc) solo mining guide **not recommended**

It didn’t take us long to hit that first SOLO ZCOIN (XZC) BLOCK. It took us less than 7 days with less than 17MH/s. That is right. That is like 9 GPU and ±25% LUCK. As always SOLO MINING IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

2020-07-09 20_28_48-Miner Statistics - Solo Zcoin XZC Mining Pool - 2Miners

We did have our fleet of test rigs hammering away at 2MINERS.COM SOLO ZCOIN. We have our test rigs GREEN1 and BLUE1 which each have a Gigabyte 1070TI in them. We also have test rigs RED and GREEN2 which each have 3 EVGA 1660TI in them. We are also using our RGB EDITING/GAMING/MINING RIG which has an EVGA 2060 SUPER in it.

We do always like to see what our estimated TTF would be and we always use 2CRYPTOCALC.COM. Just because you are supposed to find a block in 2 weeks and 23 hours DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL EVER FIND A BLOCK… BLOCKS ARE NOT GUARENTEED. Luck may not always be on your side and it can take long lengths of time and resources to just find one. This is why we always say solo mining IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

2020-07-09 18_07_45-Miner Statistics - Solo Zcoin XZC Mining Pool - 2Miners

We do also like to use MININGPOOLSTREAM.STATS when deciding which pool we are going to be mining on. We do recommend if you are going to try solo mining to find a pool that is very close to you. The closer the pool the quicker your miners get the latest block info and can get your shares in just a smidge faster than a pool halfway across the world.

We did use HIVEOS as well as AWESOME MINER and we did create HOW TOs for each of these.



We wish you all the best in your solo mining shenanigans. May the blocks fall heavy and hard for you!

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It did not take us long to find that second block as well… Please remember SOLO MINING IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

Pool is only for swimming around.

GO SOLO WARRIORS! ( With powerful rigs)

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