Zelcore Wallet -- Kadena Gone MISSING!

Is there a better wallet for Kadena than Zelcore? Zelcore is annoying me with updates that hide my balance.
To my surprise my Kadena balance went missing in my Zelcore wallet. It was all there when I checked the Kadena Block explorer, so I figured the Zelcore update screwed up the data download and API from the blockchain, again. There’s a difference between fear and panic, fear is normal, panic is useless.
Check the blockchain explorer, troubleshoot, fix.
I changed these and it all came back/reported the information properly.

You can mine directly to Kucoin or Coinmetro. Both handle all chains. I would do the latter right now as Kucoin has been “updating” their KDA wallets - for weeks at this point (though otherwise Kucoin is great)

Check to make sure that your coins aren’t in your k: wallet or in chain-1 (or another chain). And as long as they’re on the blockchain, they’re not gone, Kadena Block Explorer

Agreed that Zelcore is way too buggy. I’m moving to Coinmetro for my KDA mining. I experimented with it over Thanksgiving break. It handles KDA seamlessly though uses the more secure k: wallet prefix. So if you go that route, you’ll need to update pool and miner software setting accordingly.

Be aware that Coinmetro does KYC, which might or not be a dealbreaker for you. Kucoin prefers KYC but doesn’t insist (until you get to certain transfer levels/capabilities). I didn’t KYC and am able to move crypto in/out of my account.


I’ll check out coinmetro. I’m struggling with navigating Zelcore. I did sign up for Kucoin but can’t get to my ‘receive’ address for kda yet due to the wallet upgrade (do you know how I can get this address?)
Do you have an affiliate link for CoinMetro?

Pretty sure it’s just going to be the same as your previous Kucoin KDA address, only with “k:” prefix.

Navigating Zelcore isn’t bad once you get used to it. It’s just so damn buggy. It becomes unusable at times. Coinmetro just plain works - so far

No affiliate link. I just went to coinmetro.com and signed up. They were pretty fast with KYC. I think it was 48 hr approval process.

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problem is I signed up for Kucoin about 10 days ago so I don’t have a previous Kucoin KDA address to use. And if I go into receive I just get the wallet upgrade notice so I can’t see my address.
I’ll check out coinmetro. I see they allow referrals so I was asking if you wanted to provide yours to me. But if you don’t that’s ok too.

Oh, ok Joe. I was being thicker than normal, and that takes some doing! My referral link is CoinMetro – The Best Crypto Exchange for Beginners and Pros


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hey zilina is that you that’s constantly selling your kda you’ve made with your 2 kd5 at coin metro? lol

Just waiting on verification then I’ll give it a spin around the block.

Nope. That’s not me.

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