Zelcore Wallet/nanopool Issue

having an issue that maybe i’m not doing something right…been steady mining on rvn-us-east1.nanopool for a few days now, well over 10k shares and showing nothing in my Zelcore Ravencoin wallet, i’ve double checked my wallet address and its correct, it’s the Ravencoin receive address… is there a minimum you need to mine before payout? or am i using the wrong address?

The default payout minimum is 100 raven. It can be changed to be as low as 50. If your balance is higher than that, you may have other problems.

any idea how many shares = 1 rvn?

You can just look at your dashboard. Go here and enter your wallet address in the upper right then bookmark your dashboard. https://rvn.nanopool.org/

ok cool thank you, much appreciated…getting the hang of this finally, lol, at least it’s working now

well that explains it, thank you for the help with that site, i’ve mined 80.1 ravencoin so far so cool, it’s working, thanks again for the help

No problem. If you want to change the payout setting, you have to have a password or email address at the end of your wallet address in your mining software in this format: raven_address.worker_name/password_or_email

If you want to keep it anonymous, just use any easy password. If you want offline rig and payment notifications, use your email address.