ZK Sync chain and iZUMI Finance

Using ZK Sync specifically iZumi Finance.

About a week ago I staked DEXTF/USDC on the iZumi farm. After earning several hundred tokens each of DEXTF/iZUMI coins, I decided to use the harvest option to make sure I would receive them. After paying the fee (around $1.50), my coins were harvested and the balance went down to zero. However, I can’t find the harvested tokens anywhere in my MM wallet.

I tried importing tokens using the ZK Sync chain in MM but the contract addresses on CMP only show ETH and BEP 20. I used the ETH contract address under ZKSYNC and they show a zero balance. Any idea what I am doing wrong? I want to make sure I actually am receiving these rewards before 1) keeping my money there and 2) adding any more to the pool.

My history in MM shows “collected all tokens” and my paid gas.

One other thing. In the pool there says a “current cycle” which started with 30 days and is down to 18 days. Not sure if this means anything in terms of harvesting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks all

try out the discord, there are lots of DEFI guys that are always active there.