zkSync is the next big cryptocurrency airdrop... here's some links to get started on ZK SYNC ERA MAINNET!

zkSync Era mainnet airdrop hunting list!

Below I have a collection of many different official zkSync links along with their develop era mainnet ecosystem. REMEMBER this is all new, there could be bugs, exploits, and the dreaded crypto rugpulls, be careful.

If you prefer video content please watch the VoskCoin video guide on how to use zkSync era mainnet and hunt this zksync cryptocurrency airdrop!

Make sure to complete the zkSync quests on Crew3!

zkSync official website

zkSync ecosystem, sort by what’s live on their Era mainnet

Official zkSync Era Bridge

Orbiter Finance zkSync bridge

Multichain zkSync

Mute io on zkSync

SyncSwap live on zkSync era mainnet

zkSync name service ZNS like Ethereum Name Service ENS

SpaceFi live on zk sync era mainnet

rhino fi a multi-chain defi that launched on zksync era mainnet

zkSync has already posted some details about tokenomics, the zkSync airdrop is basically guaranteed, programmed, and it’s just a matter of how many $ZKS tokens we can secure along with their future use-case!
Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 6.54.51 PM

drop your own zksync era mainnet links and more below!

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senpai sexi, im a crew member now, just saw you vent


wat. vosk is the imposter??

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Always has been…:blue_heart:

Hey Vosk, so I was following steps on the zksync airdrop that you posted and I haven’t seen anything happening in my wallet for a few weeks now, then today I checked it and I had a zkLotto token in there? I’m not sure where it came from. I was curious as to if anything ever happened for you with the airdrop? Like if it’s a drawing or something, because then that token would make sense to me. That would be my ticket or what not. But I’m not sure if that’s how it works. Idk, just curious how and where this token came from and what it’s for. Thank you

a lot of scam/spam tokens get airdropped to active addresses on multiple blockchains, I’m not familiar with that token and would just ignore it – many of them encourage you to go to their site and basically rug yourself with a contract interaction with a fake/scam/phishing dapp.

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