1 in 100 chance to win a Helium HNT Hotspot miner! READY TO SHIP!

My daughter needs this please my brother

Please update if some of the payments didn’t go through :grinning: I am always late to the party. Would love to purchase a coin to join the raffle.

Looks like we’re too late to the party to pick up a coin on Etsy. But if you have any for sale from the your private collection, we’re interested…not so much me, but my pup, Greyson…he’s a 15 year old Weim who can barely move, so he’s been living vicariously through his 10 seconds of Tails every day! Although, I must say that these last several vids have been getting closer to 20 seconds, I just hope Greyson’s heart can take it!
In all seriousness, you’re the best…we appreciate you.

I rlly need this more than anything in my life :pray::pray:

Got 1 coin before it sold out

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Do we need to post a picture of our Etsy order?

Here’s my proof of purchase.

Sign me up Vosk!!

I guess, everyone else is posting theirs.

That would be dope.

Thanks Vosk for the awesome giveaway!!

sorry i thought i could email you back. i sent a response earlier. now I realize you couldn’t read that. Can you email me at taylor@odosound.co I don’t want to post my address here. here is a screenshot though.

Here we go, would you take 6 HNT instead of $70? haha. Thanks for doing the raffle. I bought a Nebra back on Feb 28th. Their shipping dates are really messed up. Hopefully, I get this raffle and can put my Nebra up near my parents house.

Hello there from the other side of YouTube. I would very much like to add a shiny silver Vosk piece to my collection. If you have any hiding or find one in your couch cushion, please count me in for one.

I would also like to be considered for the RAK Helium raffle!! Cheers.

So you’re sayiing there’s a chance? :wink:

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Nice to be here,i hope that I’m gonna win , supporting from Italy :chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend::green_heart:

Damn Vosk, following you for a big minute had no idea these sold out. Would love one! Keep up the work!

Hope I am not too late to enter

Are there any left? I want one.