10th Nov,2021 DAILY ASIC PRICE LIST -- updated daily around 11pm est 10th Nov,2021


10th Nov,2021

New L2 30T US$1,587
New A1166pro 81T US$5,816
New A1246 85T US$6,912
New A1246 90T US$7,396
New Bolonminer B11 66T 50W US$4,897
New Bolonminer B11 68T 50W US$5,045
New S19J 90T US$9,101
New S19J 94T US$9,516
New S19 95T US$10,467
New S19J PRO 96T US$10,640
New S19J PRO 100T US$11,384
New S19J PRO 104T US$11,908
New T19 84T US$8,458
New T19 88T US$8,861

Used S9 13.5T free PSU US$381
Used S9 13.5T Bitmain APW3 US$440
Used S9I/J 14T free PSU US$421
Used S9I/J 14T Bitmain APW3 US$476
Used T2Tz 30T MOQ:50PCS US$1,349
Used T2TH 32T US$1,384
Used T17 42T US$1,437
Used A1066 50T US$2,509
Used M21S 56T US$3,629
Used M20s 68T US$4,779
Used 1246 83T US$6,218
Used S19 95T MOQ:5PCS US$9,223
Used S19PRO 110T MOQ:10PCS US$12,771
Used T2Tz 24T/25T US$763
Used T2Th 33T/37T US$38/T

Used S17PRO 53T/56T/59T 52USD/T

#Blake2B+SHA3 HNS…#
New HS5 2700G US$8,305
New HS BOX 235G US$848

#Eaglesong CKB…#
New CK Box no PSU US$803
New CK5 US$8,305

#Equihash ZEC/VDL/KMD…#
Pre-order Z15 420K November US$11,524

#Ethash ETH/ETC/ETP…#
Used A10 5g 500m US$6,921
Used A10PRO 6G 720mh US$12,457
Used A10PRO 7G 720mh US$13,495
Pre-order A11 November US$31,429

New Mini Doge no PSU US$838
Used L3+ Free PSU US$897
Used L3+ used Bitmain APW3 US$948
Refurbished L3+ US$984
Refurbished L3+ New Bitmain APW7 US$1,040


DOES NOT INC SHIPPING or credit card processing charges . can send estimate, invoice, receipts and tracking


You are selling all of these?

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I order directly from china shipped to the customer . to assist in that gap and safety being in the usa, for people who dont know how or where to get it. those are the current prices from supplier. L7s are closed on preorders. items do not include shipping. and i do this for any donations if wanted. i dont want nor need anyones money . just tired of everyone getting scammed , and who are trying.


and everything comes with receipts and invoices and tracking #'s once shipped and direct contact # for me. and take cards and paypal * to an extent, cash , wires, etc.

Everything under JUST A BIT OF COIN LTD a georgia usa registered/verified business

Can you provide estimated shipping cost for L3+ to 33547?

nice choise… ones ive bought… before

which version … *psu

and i just sold the ones i had . that were making about 10 a day *tuned by yours truly lol


over 3days avg

Does the refurbished L3+ include apw3++?

free ones are usually apw3 which is fine., . i always went with apw7 tho

I have 2 running (blissz no fee 515mh/s a bit over 700watts on 240v line), a third one otw (power supply already showed up, running all ap3’s). Here’s my little rig. You use apw7 because of
additional efficiency?

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all mine Run on 120v

and i love it …

YES APw7 have for wattage and get that higher voltage on 240… just KEEP THEM COOL. and your great

What is the best way to contact you about ordering one of these?

and efficiency i dont care about, due to the fact i have 5$ unlimited power usuage per day power contract for 12month :smiley: SCOOOOOOOORE

over 400kwh/day atm still 5$

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well i do it for a ""donation " of antyihjing. but your more then welcome to give me a call/text, and i can have it ordered for u once $ posts/arrives depending how its paid… and it would be shipped from them directly to u and yes it usually USUALLY take 1-2weeks … and shipping agaib varies 1-200 per box just depends

thats around 17lb shipped from Shenzhen China. to the usa *georgia for myself when i did

dhl express

GIVE ME 1 min tho … ill get a quote for total right now…